Monitoring observers’ recruitment, training and boarding missions’ coordination for Portuguese long-distance fishing fleet operating inside NAFO and NEAFC Regulatory Area. The Observer must oversee every fishing activity on the ship, making sure that all the Fishing Regional Organization regulations are complied. The Observer must register the trawl position, fishing gear measurement, quantify and qualify the captured specimens per fish haul, follow the catch registration in the logbook, monitor regulated species’ minimum size, quantify the by-catch per fish haul, among other functions.
During these last 11 years providing this service, there were 240 Observations Missions accomplished, totalizing almost 23000 days at sea. To achieve this, 22 training courses were made, 150 Observers were hired (20% of which were women), with a Marine Biologist presence share of 85%. This way, over 1 million tons of captured fish were monitored.