Henrique Ramos

Henrique Ramos, from Lisbon, graduated in Geography and Regional Planning in UNL’s FCSH and always showed his passion and calling for matters related to the Sea, not only in his academic course but also in his professional career. After his work on Lisbon’s IPIMAR, MacAlister, Elliot and Parteners in the NAFO zone, Azores’ IMAR and University of Azores, he chose the way of the entrepreneurship and created seaExpert in 2003. Since then, he has been developing several activities as the company’s CEO, specially focusing on Scientific Fisheries Observers, aquaculture and fish commercialization.

His professional training allows him to have an integrated perspective of the Society and the fisheries matters in particular, managing seaExpert’s multidisciplinary team with success and motivation.

Artur Oliveira
Commercial Director

Artur Oliveira, from Guimarães, graduated in Biotechnology Engineering in IPB – Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and took a master degree in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Biotechnology and Bioentrepreneurship in UM – University of Minho. His master thesis was based on the assemblance of a reference library of DNA barcodes for red and brown macroalgae reported for Portugal and analysis of their phytochemical profiles, work that began inside the University of Azores Biology Department, from where the live samples and data were taken for the thesis.

Nowadays works as seaExpert’s commercial director and coordinator of seaweed harvest and supply.

Leonardo Mata
Seaweed Department Consultant

Leonardo Mata, from Póvoa de Varzim, graduated in Marine and Fisheries Biology, with a master degree in Aquaculture and PhD in Marine Biotechnology, has an extensive investigation path in macroalgae aquaculture, algae and derivatives production and environmental and marine biotechnology. His interest has always been connected with applied research, with emphasis in macroalgae biomass production (marine and fresh water) for the commercialization of several products from different industries (waste water´s biofiltration, human and animal feeding, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and bioenergy).

Leonardo has 29 scientific papers, published in international journals, with about 500 quotations. Nowadays works as seaweed department consultant in seaExpert.

Teresa Cerqueira
Research Scientist

Teresa Cerqueira, from Porto, graduated in Biochemistry in the University of Porto in 2006. She started as a researcher at the ITQB Institute in Lisbon, where she also worked as a consultant at Accenture Technology Solutions. In 2011 she joined the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries of the University of the Azores, in Faial island, where she later completed her PhD in Marine Biology. In 2013 moved to Norway for a few months to cooperate with the NorStuct Center from the University of Tromsø. In 2018 completed her PhD in Marine Sciences, specialties in Marine Biology, in the Un with the defense of the thesis "Microbial ecology in Azores deep-seafloor hydrothermal enviroments".

Teresa is the author and co-author of 12 scientific papers, published in international peer reviewed journals, with about 105 quotations. Currently she is doing research in the post-doc project " Biotechnological valorization of Azorean macroalgae with commercial interest" at seaExpert, in partnership with the OKEANOS Center, MARE IP-Leiria and CCMAR in Faro.

Ana Hipólito
Research Scientist

Ana Paiva Hipólito, from Salvaterra de Magos, graduated in Geology and Natural Resources at the University of Lisbon, and completed her master's degree in Volcanology and Geological Risks in the University of the Azores. Her field of expertise is island geology of oceanic volcanic archipelagos, with particular emphasis in neotectonics. In this context, she has participated in several works and projects that cover the most diverse themes including coastal dynamics.

Ana is the author and co-author of 18 scientific papers published in international peer reviewed journals, with about 440 citations. Currently, she is part of the UCRA Project - Use of rolled pebbles in the Azores, characterization, diagnosis and management plan - at seaExpert.

Luis Roque
Captain of Rainha da Calheta

Luis Roque, from Lisbon, graduated in Painting from AR.CO in 1994 and has attended the course of Maritime-Tourism Operator at the University of the Azores since March 1998. A sea-based curriculum as a craft promoter, professional diver and fisherman in the "Big Game" area as in commercial fishing.

He is currently the captain of the fishing vessel Rainha da Calheta in the city of Horta.

Alexandra Sousa
Administrative Assistant

Alexandra Sousa, from Horta, graduated in Gerontology and completed a master's degree in Business Organization Management at IPB - Instituto Politécnico de Bragança.
She is currently performing functions in the administration and secretariat area at seaExpert.

Nelson Escobar
Designer/Marketing Manager

Nelson Escobar, from Horta, graduated in Advertising and Public Relations in IPB– Polytechnic Institute of Viseu.
Did an internship at, Legendary People + Ideas, in the city of Porto, were he worked as a copiwryghter.
Nowadays works in seaExpert's Design and Marketing area.