seaExpert observers are divided in two fields: the Monitoring Observers and the Scientific Observers.

Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO)

Use of fisheries observers with vast experience in fishing operations to fulfill Fisheries Liaison Officer’s duties in a large variety of offshore activities, including sysmical prospection, structures instalations and clean energy. These communication and fishing counseling services can sometimes be done onshore.

Professional Training

Professional training with qualified technicians in the fishing and marine science fields of expertise.

Fisheries Data Collection

Such as: fishing technology, fishing positions, catches, catch volume, landings, discards, by-catch, length frequency, environmental parameters, intra and inter specific relations.

Scientific Data

Scientific data treatment, such as: fishing effort, C.P.U.E., mapping, fishing capacity, yield, weight-length relations, abundancies.

Consulting Support

Includes viability studies, legal support instruments, species information, market prospection, bureaucratic processes, among others.


Implementation projects development and consultancy.

Fishing Experiments

Fishing experiments monitoring, like new resources exploration, new technologies introduction, new fishing spots prospection.